As the Boy Scouts say “Be Prepared!”  I put this short book together as an additional resource for our clients, before their mock interview.  This booklet covers a lot of the same material we will go over in your mock interview.  If you have a chance to download this and read it before your mock interview, we will have more time to go over the specifics of your case.  The information in here may also help you think of additional questions you may not have asked otherwise.

We will automatically email you this when we receive the notice of your interview.  You can also download it at any time by logging in to your free online account with my office.



Some of the topics in this e-book are:

  • Who Must Attend an Interview?
  • Preparing for Your Interview
    • What to Review
    • What to Wear
    • What to Bring
  • Procedures for USCIS Interviews
  • Arranging for an Interpreter
  • What the USCIS Officials Will Do and Say
  • What They Will Ask
  • How They Will Behave
  • What to Do If an Interview Is Going Badly
  • Sample Interview Questions
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