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You Are Smart, But You Could Use Some Help

You are smart and you want to take care of your family, but there are a lot of things you may not know about immigration.  This is your family and your future, getting some help will allow you to take better care of your family.

Having an attorney who have been through immigration and has filed hundreds of green card applications would be worth it.  Just to know all of the paperwork is right, what the time frames are and what to expect next will make things easier.


The Immigration Law Firm That Focuses On You...

  • What You Want

    This is for you if you are a U.S. citizens or a resident wishing to marry a foreign national living in the United States.

  • How You Get It

    This process requires filing with United States Citizenship and Immigration Services, a medical exam, background check and then an in person interview with an immigration officer.

  • How Long It Will Take You

    Current processing times estimate from USCIS is 10 months,.

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Special Considerations In K-1 Visas And LGBT Clients


Representing clients in K-1 visa processing often requires legal skills, cultural understanding, and patience with clients who are eager to complete the process in the quickest manner possible. For lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) clients, there could be the added fear of whether the family-based immigration process could put the foreign national’s life in danger. Such dangers to be considered include whether same-sex relationships are criminalized in the home country of the foreign national or the possibility of a violent or harmful reaction by the foreign national’s family, clan, or society. Given these dangers, it is my job to keep clients safe and to navigate consular processing cases in the most safe and efficient way for the clients.

For a client who is reluctant and even fearful to complete the K-1 process in his or her home country, third country processing remains a viable option (this exists for I-130 immigrant petitions as well). Despite the change in administrations, there has been no indication that that third country processing has been limited or terminated as to LGBT foreign nationals.

Recognition of Same-Sex Marriage Raises Practical Questions in Ohio

  • ​Q: Since the U.S. Supreme Court ruled in Obergefell that I may enter into a legally enforceable marriage in Ohio, should I marry my partner?

    A: If you wish to receive marriage based immigration you will need to be married.  Please note if you are currently on SSI, Medicaid, or any other “means-based” benefit program, marrying someone with a higher income or greater assets may disqualify you from the program. If you are currently receiving any of these benefits, you should consult with someone familiar with the requirements of the programs you use before you get married.


  • Q: I married a guy in Massachusetts in 2005. We broke up in 2009, but we couldn’t get a dissolution since we’re not Massachusetts residents. I now have a new partner. Can I legally marry my new partner since my earlier marriage was never recognized here in Ohio?

    A: No. Unfortunately, you get the burden of that marriage even though you never got the benefit. You will need to terminate your Massachusetts marriage before you can marry a different person in Ohio. The good news is that you can now file for dissolution or divorce in domestic relations court in Ohio, since Ohio now recognizes your Massachusetts marriage.


  • Q: I am an Ohio mother of two children I conceived by artificial insemination with an unknown donor in 2010. My wife is the other mom, and we have been married since before our kids were born. Can my wife’s name be included on our children’s birth certificates now?

    A: Yes. Birth certificates can now include both same-sex parents as long as they are married, and birth certificates that have already been issued can be updated to include both parents as long as the parents were legally married when the child was born. If the birth certificate needs to be updated, you can contact the Ohio Department of Health by email at or by phone at (614) 466-2531 to ask for the form.

    Your marriage creates a “presumption” of parentage. As this is a new area of law and is as yet untested, it is unclear how that presumption might be challenged. You may choose to take one or more additional steps to ensure that both of you have full parental rights. For example, you may wish to file for a determination of parentage in juvenile court. Or, since your marriage is now recognized in Ohio, your wife may choose to complete a stepparent adoption so that she will be regarded as a legal parent of your children. Stepparent adoption is also an option for couples who were married after a child was conceived or born.

  • ​ Q: In 2005, my husband and I were legally married in Canada, and he has since passed away. Will I now be able to draw Social Security benefits through my late husband’s work record?

    A: Maybe. You are entitled to all the benefits of any other married couple in all government benefits. If your deceased husband paid into the Social Security system adequately, and your marriage existed for the nine months before your husband’s death, you are generally entitled to survivor benefits. There has been no guidance yet on whether that nine months will be counted from the date you were married legally in another jurisdiction or from June 26, 2015, when Ohio recognized your marriage as legal. The Social Security Administration is working out many details with the Department of Justice. If you feel you may be entitled to benefits as a surviving spouse, as the child of a same-sex marriage, or that you may be entitled to other benefits based in any way on a same-sex marriage, the Social Security Administration is encouraging you to apply now, even before the details have been worked out, to make sure you don’t lose any benefits.

Excellent job in every way. My fiance' arrived in the USA in about 7 months after we started the fiance' visa process, and she received her green card about 7 months after her arrival. This is unbelievably fast. Tom knew exactly what to do, what materials he needed, and he communicated this very clearly to me. I would highly recommend Mr. Geygan to anyone who is involved or about to start this type of process.


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The Dangers Of Going Alone And Losing

  • Time

    If your petition or application is denied, you have to start all over, and your spouse could be ordered deported. 

  • Money

    If your petition or application is denied you will have to pay all of the application fees again.  Between that and losing the time, this could cost you a lot with filing fees and lost income.

  • Record

    Immigration does not believe in forgive and forget.  They will bring up all denied petitions and applications at all future interviews.

I am proud to have used this service it was of "A" class and I would gladly recommend their service to family and friends. if I do need future this is where I will be coming. Great, Great services.